A real story that inspire me most

When i was reading in high school our english teacher Mr Dilip Thapa told us a story about A rich man and a young boy.I liked that story very much.I still remember that story.That really inspire me.Today i am going to share that story with you..



Someone nicely said that “Not every person who smokes is bad,And not every person who goes temple is Good”

A man used to stand out of his expensive car..One door of it was open and one hand over it and other hand holding a (Bidi) Low cost Cigarette.Dealt he used to buy a bunch of cigarettes from small shop and used to finish one cigarette and move that place..
A young boy used to visit that place regularly.One day he saw the man coming out of his car,a man with black suite and black shoes.He buy a bunch cigarettes from that shop and took one out from it and started smoking it.The boy was thinking like “A man who look richer as per as his personality and having a expensive car as pet as his personality “.A bunch of cigarettes(bidi).As a regular visitor the faces become known.

One day that man was as usually smoking cigarette(bidi)and about to leave.That boy came to him”Good morning” The man replied morning as from many days a question was running over the mind of the boy and finally asks to that man,”Sir,Can I ask you something?
He replies “Yeah sure”
As your personality seems quite good and you even a owner of costliest car,Through Why you smoke low cost Cigarettes(bidi)?Even you can buy some good brands of Smoking.
The man lough and asked the boy “Do you know why was i smoke this low cost cigarettes(bidi)

This car shows what i achieved in my life and this low cost cigarettes(bidi) Makes me remember where i was So i never quite my originality.May in future i lost my expensive car and property then what??
If i am get addicted to that costliest thing then i may suffers.
So,if you achieve the highest position in your life just don’t forget want the person you used to be in past.


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